Simple ways to refresh your home for summer

Formas sencillas de renovar tu hogar para el verano

Whether you live in sunny Valencia or rainy Glasgow, summer is a much anticipated season: rising temperatures, longer days, sunny days, and holiday vibes require a home makeover.

With just a few simple changes and additions, you can create a vibrant and breezy atmosphere that will turn your interior into an inviting retreat. 

Here are some easy ways to transform your home for the joyful summer days without breaking the bank nor breaking a sweat!

Use more natural light

Take advantage of the longer daylight hours by allowing ample natural light into your home. Remove heavy drapes or curtains and opt instead for light-colored blinds that let the sunlight in.

Embrace light tones & shades

From throws to rugs and curtains, switch from warm fabrics and earthy colors to beige, white, or light gray to create a more refreshing ambiance.

Add plants and flowers

Turn your home into an extension of the blossoming summer by incorporating plants or freshly cut flowers. They will not only add color and freshness to any room, but will also create a soothing feeling. You may opt for tall floor vases, table vases, or hangable planters to level up every corner of your room.


Choose light, airy fabrics

You love wearing light, breathable materials in summer and guess what? So does your home.

Choose breathable cotton or linen for your covers, sheets, tablecloth, or napkins.

Add a splash of color 

If you’re not entirely sold on the all-white design trend for your interior, you’ll love adding a splash of color here and there to liven up the mood. Consider wall prints or wall decor, framed pictures, or a colorful organizer for your desk.


Declutter and simplify

Every season is a good season to declutter, but summer more than any is a time for simplification and organizing. A clutter-free home not only looks better, but also lets you enjoy every second you spend at home.

We hope these simple ideas will help you make your interior a bright, relaxing, and welcoming space for the summer ahead ☀️

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