About us

A story of art and travel...

Abelia is a decoration space for lovers of art and crafts.

I have always had a particular affection for the small artisan shops that I found on my travels.

Each one of those pieces told its own story but also the story of my own experience in that place.

So one day I decided to bring this experience to all of you….

At Abelia we curate a selection of purpose-driven decorative accessories, locally designed and sustainably produced.

Abelia is the name of a flower that is as strong as it is beautiful. A flower that resists everything and offers a particular and elegant beauty.

In our products you will find the same characteristics: design objects, quality, timeless and beautiful.

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Contemporary designs produced locally

We believe that a home is created with objects, stories and memories. Every piece in our home has a function and a purpose: aesthetic, functional, or both.

And it is the small details that help create a home with a soul.

We want to help you find those decorative objects that bring beauty to your life and elevate your home.

And for this reason we prioritize small objects with a great impact, which add something more than aesthetics to your home.

In each of our pieces we look for design, quality and sustainability to offer you timeless pieces with soul.

Carefully curated home accessories

Abelia is a concept store that offers a selection of small works of art for your home.

In our online store you will find unique, sustainable and local objects for every corner of your home.

We have a curated selection of products created in artisan workshops from all over Europe.

A ceramic vase, a Mediterranean-inspired sheet, original jewelry trays... at Abelia you will find all kinds of accessories to decorate your home and your life.

We bet on local crafts, limited editions and timelessness, because we know that style never goes out of style.

Discover our selection of unique, sustainable and locally made objects!

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